Invitation Inspiration - Caitlyn and Hunter

Caitlyn and Hunter is an elegant marriage of simple, clean and oh so elegant.  This beautiful vintage motif is highly versatile. When printed in Gold or Silver tone inks, it reads as elegant and regal. Switch it to Jupiter (Red) and Caspian (Turquoise) and you can imagine the Ferris Wheel and cotton candy waiting for you. In Oz (Emerald) and Majestic (purple), you are off to Rio for Carnivale.  Find your color combinations to emote your perfect wedding day! There are 250 more colors waiting for you to play. Caitlyn_Hunter_Additional_2_IMG_1624 Caitlyn_Hunter_Additional_3_IMG_1624 Caitlyn_Hunter_Additional_IMG_1624 Caitlyn_Hunter_Main_IMG_1624