When RSVP’s aren’t working out as planned.

You just received your invitations in the mail from the invitation company and everything looked just like you envisioned, if not better! Now the fun job of addressing all the envelopes and trying to remember what was taught to you in calligraphy class (back in high school!) Maybe it will be better to invite the girlfriends over and make it a girl's night IN affair. Whew! Now the task is complete and your custom invitations are ready to go to the post office. After being somewhat surprised at the postage costs, you relax knowing that the task is complete and now you can sit back and wait for the RSVP's to roll in and then it happens……

The phone calls….the RSVP's that add additional guests by at least 2.....meal options that have been written in (it's not even on the menu!).....disgruntled guests because no children can attend and the list goes on and on.

What happened?!?!? For something that was supposed to be so smooth, how did it turn into circus of ungrateful guests? I know you have seen many blogs from me about RSVP's but it is interesting that my clients have so many horror stories about how a simple process could turn into a nightmare. I come again to calm my brides.  I start by saying never fear and frustrate yourself on this dilemma. You cannot control your guests but you can definitely control your guest count and the manner in which you will handle your RSVP's.

1.  Make sure you have a spreadsheet with complete guest information (name of attendees, contact phone number or email address).  If information received from the guest is incorrect, you can contact the guest(s) to explain the parameters.

2. Prior to mailing the invitation, you can pre-write the number of guests expected to attend the wedding on the response card

3. Utilize an RSVP service in order to handle the RSVP process.  Guests will respect the response of a stranger as opposed to someone they know.  The RSVP service will advise the guests of any information you want them to know.

4.  If you have inner envelopes with your invitation, please be sure to list the names of the invited parties on it.

5. Ask your wedding planner to assist with accepting RSVP's on your behalf and take it out of the hands of you and your family members.

REMEMBER, this is you and your fiance's journey.  Enjoy the ride and all stresses need to be given to the professionals you have hired to assist your guests on wedding etiquette.