Things that make you say, hmmmmm.....Outdoor Ceremony

I know it has been a while since I have posted and what a way to make a come back with a FOOD for Thought, or as Arsenio Hall would say.."things that make you say, hmmmmmmm....." I was so  honored to be a part of a bridal showcase at Eaglecreek Golf Club located in Orlando, Florida last night.  The beauty of this facility is that you have the ability to have an indoor and outdoor affair and the views are really nice.  Most of the brides I spoke with were getting married at Eaglecreek with the majority of them having their ceremony outside.  One particular couple inquired of our services for their October wedding for wedding fan programs.  I thought that was a very "cool" idea for an outside ceremony.  I asked them if they had already sent out their invitations and they gleefully told me they are receiving responses now.

Me: In your invitation did you notify your guests of the exact location of the ceremony?

Bride: Yes

Me: Did you tell them that they would be outside?

Groom: (eyes widening)

Bride: No...why?

Me: Although you know the details of your wedding, your guests don't and that is fine BUT...... it would be nice to give them the heads up about the exact location of the ceremony so they can plan accordingly.  So many couples list all their requirements of what they want from their guests such as where to buy their gifts, where and when you want them to RSVP, etc. and they forget to take care of their guests by telling them important that could affect their preparation for the event location.  What I mean is, wouldn't it be nice as a guest if your host stated it was an outdoor ceremony and/or reception?  Wow..thanks for the info..why?

1. Babies/children/elderly guests don't do well in heat and extreme cold.  If it sunny/hot, they could have been equipped to bring an umbrella to shield them from the sun's ray.

2. Health condition could flare up (and that can cause a whole other main attraction other than the bride walking down the aisle)

3. Dressing appropriately yet still formal (i.e. heels digging in the dirt is not cool, maybe wearing the long sequins dress is not for this event, and neither is long sleeves)

Invitations that read the facility gives the guest the impression that you are having an indoor event.  BE KIND and give them the heads up so they can plan accordingly.

Be sure to consult with your professional wedding planner on ideas of how to accommodate for your guests when an event is outdoors.   For example, nice aluminum tubs of iced water bottles, flip flops for walking in grass (for the high heel shoe wearers), umbrellas , etc.

Until next time....hmmmmmmm!