A wedding is about unity.

Wedding plans are in high gear and now is the time to work on stationery such as invitations, programs and thank you cards.  I have noticed a common trend with how parents or bride/grooms want their parents' names to be listed. Your parents, if they are still married to each other should be listed as Mr. and Mrs. Father of the Brides last name (i.e. Mr. and Mrs. John Doe).   So many times,  I see John and Mary Doe or Mr.  John Doe and Mrs. Mary Doe.

How can this be?  This an event of oneness and unity.  Shouldn't the names be unified when referencing a husband and wife?  This is something that should be listed on all stationery material.

According to etiquette protocol, names listed separately tells your guests that the parents are no longer together.

Keep that in mind when wording invitations or addressing envelopes.