Reusable cards

I received in the mail information about reusing a card.  The concept is a great one but very new to me.  I was very intrigued with the presentation and wanted to learn more about reusing cards.

Why regreet? How’d we come up with this idea anyway? Well, it all started with the card …Even in the age of Facebook gifting and tweeted birthday wishes, nothing replaces the warm fuzzies of opening an actual card. At regreet, we were inspired by a stack of cards lying around after a big birthday party.

What should we do? Recycle them? Hold onto them? There had to be a fun way to reuse them and pass the fun along. We built in tracking to follow the journey and watch how far our greetings traveled – and calculate our own mpg – miles per greeting.

We expanded the connections with hop-a-round notes that make it easy to make someone’s day the regreet way … and to track the card’s journey as it hops around to someone else. Gratitude abounds when you hop these cards around – click to find out more.