Escort Cards/Seating Charts vs. Place Cards

The response cards are coming in and now the BEST part of the process begins..seating your guests.   Below are some items to keep in consideration when thinking about reception stationery.  

ESCORT CARDS are placed on the table in the lobby area which lists the guest's name and their table number.  Although it is nice to make one for each guests, it is okay to list husband and wife on one card.


SEATING CHARTS have become popular and are an excellent tool for guests to view on a board where their table is located and the number.  (Although it is easier to list the names in table groupings, it will be difficult for your guests to figure out what table they are seated.  For ease, list the names in alphabetical order with the table number adjacent to the name.

PLACE CARDS are located at the table and lets the guests know the exact seating at that table in which to sit.  Place cards should be made for each seated guest