How to categorize the guest list?

Wedding planning is in full swing and now the "fun" begins..THE GUEST LIST.   You have made the list and now we will help you check it twice, because 500 guests won't do with a 200 guest budget!  Why not break up your guests into categories?  This way you can better access the Most Important to the "eh" group.  So let's get started...

Group 1 - All about family this would include parents, grandparents, stepparents, siblings and your children.

Group 2 - This group consists of the extended family such as aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews.

Group 3 - This group could be kind of tricky and in some cases it is the bulk of your list besides Group 2.  These guests are for your parents sake.  Many an argument has been made between a bride/groom and their parents over this group.  Give up the fight and come to a happy medium.  Mom and dad are proud and they want to share it with their friends.

Group 4 - Wow, now you can invite your friends! (with whatever count you have left.)

Group 5 - This group is the "B" list group of guests such as employees, managers, colleagues, etc.

Whew, now you are on your way to finalizing your guest list.  Remember when ordering invitations that you need one invitation per couple or single person over the age of 18. (Yes, that includes adult children over 18 years of age still living at home with their parents or who is temporarily away at school.