How to ask for money as a wedding gift?

We get asked this question a lot of times. Below are the following scenarios: 1. We live together and have acquired all the things we need.

2. We are buying a house and we want to buy the things we WANT for our new home.

3. We will move into our new home after we get married and quite frankly, I don’t want things we do not need.

Whatever the case may be, it is becoming a growing trend for couples to ask for monetary gifts. Now should a bride and groom ask their guests to give them money? Uh, NO! Of course, you would like to help your guests in their gift giving so you would like to give them options. If monetary gifts is what you are looking for, here are some ideas for wording from Wedding Central:

Invitation Script 1 Friends, as you are aware we already have most items needed to 'set up house'. This is the reason for us choosing a wedding wishing well. At the reception there will be a wishing well in which we would love to receive your greeting card and contribution. This will be a great way for us to pool together and buy ourselves something quite luxurious, or to make our honeymoon even better.

Invitation Script 2 To support us on our special day you may wish to follow with tradition and bring a gift. Or alternatively you may like to help us make our honeymoon a little more special. For this reason we have chosen a wedding wishing well. The wishing well will be at the reception where we can receive your best wishes and contribution.

Invitation Script 3 They have their dishes and towels for two They have pots and pans and oven mitts too So what do you get for the Bride & Groom Whose house is set up in every room? Their house needs repairs and some upgrades too But you can not register for carpet and glue. A well that holds wishes is the way to go So let's make it easy for all that know. An envelope will be provided for those who have room, To give a monetary wish to the Bride and Groom A wishing well will be on display at the reception hall To attach your wishes, for the couple, with love from all.

Invitation Script 4 Because at first we lived in sin We've got the sheets and a rubbish bin A gift from you would be swell But we'd prefer a donation to our Wishing Well!!

Invitation Script 5 More than just kisses so far we've shared, Our home has been made with Love and Care, Most things we need we've already got, And in our home we can't fit a lot! A wishing well we thought would be great, (But only if you wish to participate), A gift of money is placed in the well, Then make a wish .... but shhh don't tell! Once we've replaced the old with the new, We can look back and say it was thanks to you! And in return for your kindness, we're sure That one day soon you will get what you wished for.

Invitation Script 6 Soon you will hear our wedding bell, As Friends and family wish us well. Our household thoughts are not brand new, We have twice the things we need for two. Since we have our share of dishes and bedding, We're having instead a wishing well wedding. But more important we ask of you, your prayers of love and blessings too!

Invitation Script 7 This wishing well is here today for family and friends. Take an envelope, make a wish and please drop it in. As it falls into the well your wish, for the couple, will come true. A token for the couple, to help them begin, will be welcomed, too. Please take the time to make a wish before the day is through.

Invitation Script 8 Now we are to be Mr & Mrs We don't need a wedding list of dishes we have two kettles, two toasters, two microwaves We require a house for which we have to save. If you would like to give us a gift, A cheque or vouchers would give us a lift We like to think of it as our 'Wishing Well' Which will be filled with your love, we can tell.

Invitation Script 9 Our home is quite complete now, we've been together long, so please consider our request and do not take us wrong. A delicate request it is, we hope you understand. Please play along as it will give our married life a hand. The tradition of the wishing well is one that's known by all. Go to the well, toss in a coin and as the coin does fall, Make a wish upon that coin and careful as you do. Cause as the well's tradition goes your wishes will come true. So on this special day of ours, the day that we'll be wed. Don't hunt for special gifts but give money in its stead. And as you drop the envelope with money great and small, Remember, make your wish as you watch your money fall.

Invitation Script 10 "We've been together a few years now; we have pots and pans and linen and towels; we have glasses and toasters, really quite a few; so instead of more gifts, we suggest this to you; if it doesn't offend and it won't send you running; what we would really appreciate is quite simply money; we know choosing gifts can be such a pain; and this way there is no chance of bringing the same." What do you think?

Invitation Script 11 "If you were thinking of giving a gift, to help us on our way. A gift of cash towards our house, would really make our day. However, if you prefer to purchase a gift, feel free to surprise us in your own way."

Invitation Script 12 "We really would appreciate a little money of our own, instead of a little gift for our new home!" We know you want to find something nice But it's such a hassle to find the right price So come and enjoy the day all sunny We really would appreciate a little money.

Invitation Script 13 To save you looking, shopping or buying. Here is an idea, we hope you like trying. Come to our wedding, to wish us both well. And bring this small sack, to throw in our wishing well. Fill it with paper all colours will do, gold is our favourite but silver will do. Now that we have saved you, all of that fuss. We hope you will come, and celebrate with us.

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