Creative Card Boxes

Your wedding day is fast approaching and you are checking your list once, twice and thrice if not more! Let's check the registry..Ooh you see someone bought the toaster, the microwave and wow and you even have some gift card purchases…GREAT! Aren't you excited now?!?!? But wait do you have a card box for the money and gift cards? You do? Does it look like this?

Now any one of those boxes can hold your money/gift card gifts….BUT does it match your theme or your style. Will the card box sit in the front as a focal point or will it sit back behind the bags and boxes of gifts you will receive? Let's jazz this up a bit…Check these out!

Now how do you like these boxes?!?!? Marni with Creative Custom Card Boxes is the creative genius behind these "out of the box" creations. She can create any box to match the theme and colors of your event. The boxes are eco friendly and are an excellent way to display your event style and are definitely a conversation piece at your event and even long after it is over.

Rose Robinson, The Invitation Lounge