RSVP's and what it does NOT mean...............

RSVP’ing is proper etiquette.  Unfortunately some people RSVP Those are just a few words that are printable describing people who do not respond to a party invitation's RSVP.

When you see RSVP on a party invitation, It does not mean:

  1. Reply if you want to
  2. Reply if you feel like it
  3. Reply when you get around to it
  4. Refreshments Served Very Promptly
  5. I'm waiting to see if something better comes up for that date and time
  6. Throw the invitation in a pile and forget about it.
  7. Respond only if you're not coming
  8. Respond the day of the party
  9. Respond and then fail to show up
  10. "Maybe" is not an acceptable reply
  11. I'm family so of course I'm coming, why should I call?

And it most certainly does not mean show up with extra guests