Top Wedding Invitation Trends for 2010

When planning your wedding, you tend to think ahead to what will be the next big thing. If you are already looking into wedding invitation trends for 2010, you're in luck-there are plenty of exciting new trends that are sure to give your celebration the perfect touch of posh style and fashionable flair! •Tribal Prints: Big bold colors and bright patterns paired with sleek and sophisticated designs offer a fun new way to give your wedding invitations some individual style. Select a color combination that you can carry throughout your event to make sure your wedding invitations set the right tone for your special day. •Destinations as Inspiration: Let your destination wedding determine the look and feel of your wedding invitations. From the Bahamas to Napa Valley, special locations deserve unique wedding invitations that will have your guests dreaming of your getaway long before they board their flights. •Outdoor Chic: Add a few natural touches to your wedding invitations in order to bring a rustic charm to your entire celebration. You can choose from traditional wedding invitations featuring trees, leaves and flowers, or more modern wedding invitation themes like summer camp, classic picnics and sweet seaside motifs. •Seasonal Styles: From snowflake wedding invitations during the winter to bright and summery wedding invitations for July, seasonal wedding invitations offer the ideal way to transform your wedding date into a central part of your celebration. WeddingPaperDivas